About Manuela Marujo

Who Am I? Quem Sou Eu?

A “sailor” by name, I love discovery and travelling. I am curious about the world. I like to imagine that someone in my family was part of Vasco da Gama’s crew on his voyage from Lisbon to India. In Alentejo, where I came from, many people get their surnames from their activities. Who knows, maybe one of my ancestors, also alentejano like Da Gama went with him… I got his genes.

My goal with this blog? Share my impressions about people in different parts of the world, what I keep learning from other ways of living. Every person has a unique experience. I love photography and I will share some of my memorable photos.

I am going to write in English and Portuguese. I came to live and work in Canada when I was 36, half of my life was spent in an English speaking environment. But my first language is Portuguese, it is the language I can express better some of my feelings.

MAR is a relevant word for me. I love the ocean, I love the blue colors of the water, I love the sounds of the waves breaking against the rocks, I love marine life.